The Story behind Forks on Wheels

Let’s bike from my house to your house… O.K., easier said than done, but so far we are having a blast!

We both grew up on other sides of the world and yet both of us witnessed an unsustainable level of food waste. At University, we had a bin-diving circuit on our way home from the pub or a late night library session; we’d pack our loot on the back of our bikes and power up the infamous Sheffield Barber Road hill home. As fun as this was, when a third of the food produced globally is wasted and 1 billion people starve, it is clear something needs to change. Our love for adventure, travel and food spawned the ‘Forks on Wheels’ project: to explore new cultures, cuisines and the depths of the food waste scandal from the saddles on our bikes.

Julia Mason

Although I was born in UK, my family have lived in Hong Kong since I was two. I grew up and went to school there and have always considered it as my home. In 2011 I left to the UK to do a degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Sheffield. I really enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures, and am always up for a challenge. Having just graduated, I am very eager to go out and explore the world, and thought I’d start with a 10,000 mile bike ride back home! I shall be spending the next 6 months splitting my time between teaching dinghy sailing in HK and English in China, in order to save as much as possible for our epic journey.

Bethany Martin

I grew up in Nottinghamshire and moved to Sheffield to study Biomedical Sciences in 2011. I graduated this year and plan to enter a career in biomedical research. I am passionate about sport, music, the environment and science. And I won’t turn down an adrenaline rush. The inspiration for our trip grew from a love of cycling, travelling and an eagerness to take on a challenge. Throughout my university career I was teased for being the ‘basket girl’ because I would carry my books in my detachable wicker bike basket. Maybe I will find a light-weight basket to accompany me on my travels. In the run up to our trip I will be working hard to earn travel money and training – a lot!

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