Some days nothing out of the ordinary happens and other days it’s just one thing after another! Yesterday’s antics saw us hanging out with monkeys when we took a wrong turn, encountering a dog delivering a basket containing a brick and ended up partying on the baijiu and 2.5% pijiu at Chinese Karaoke and sleeping in a half built house!

We entered Guizhou after a lovely downhill stretch. Everyone has been telling us that Guizhou is the hilliest province in China and we can definitely vouch for that!

We are now cycling along the Jiang river and heading towards Guilin. We’ve had a few mechanicals this week… Beth’s rim popping, Beth’s chain snapping, Julia’s gear cable tube disintegrating… Luckily for us we met Xiao Gu on the road today, just as we established we had yet another mechanical – good timing! He persuaded us to stay in a hotel, his treat, so he could fix it! To top it all off, this morning Beth established why she had been going so slowly for the past week (Julia would speed off ahead and tease her for becoming fat) both brakes were rubbing, the wheels wouldn’t even spin freely… Doh! 9 months and we are no better at bike mechanics, talk about incompetency. Now that Beth is back up to speed, we are fired up for the last push – only ten 100km days!

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