The People who made our Journey

On journeys like ours, it’s all about the people you meet. Time and time again that smile on our face is thanks to the brilliant people on the road. But it’s also about the people at home and the support from you all has been so humbling. We have a few special mentions…

Most reliable commenters: Kathryn Darvell, Kate Martin
Funniest commenters: John Billot
Best personal secretary: Anne Mason
The only one to see us leave and arrive: Lauren
Wise one: Lorenzo Conti
Most wonderful hosts (we could list so many): the Szabados family in Budapest, Maja and Marko in Serbia, Ali and Leila in Turkey, the Aksu family in Turkey, the boys in Baku, and Dave and Alicia in Dushanbe, Jonas and Raf in Aachen
Most eco-home: Gesa and Klaus
Best chefs: Sakir, Necip, and Bedirhan
Best café: Norm Coffee in Istanbul
World bicycle super couple: Dan and Kiri (Low gear life)
Extreme lifesavers (there were too many sort-of lifesavers): Georges from St Tropez, the road maintenance workers, Roland Augenstein
Slowest cycle tourist ever (we left him in Georgia and he’s still there!) Virgilius
Hairiest cyclist: Cliff
Best dressed cyclist: Richard Hussey

Thank you to our parents for incorporating the frequent checking of our GPS tracking map into their daily routine and making sure we didn’t stray too far off the path to HK.

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