Some sites that have inspired us and helped us plan our journey: A teacher of Julia’s, Simon Taylor and his wife Isabel cycled from Mongolia to Turkey in 2005 and since then they have done a number of long cycle tours. They recently cycled the Carretera Austral in Chile with their one year old son! Their website has been fascinating to read and has some great advice about equipment, countries and routes. Nick and Laurence who have been great – they arrived in Hong Kong the day that Julia flew out to London. They have given us a load of advice. They did the same route and we are now carrying their tent and cooking pots on round two of London to Hong Kong! Two boys who have done a similar journey, their experiences and advice have been really helpful whilst planning our route and creating our equipment list. A couple who set off on a world tour in 2006-2009 and have travelled through 30 countries and over 60,000km! Their site includes country by country resources and useful tips and articles about cycle touring. They have also written a bike touring survival guide. Four girls that cycled through the kharakoram and Himalayan mountain, collecting recipes and having fun.

Travel and Visa Advice: A great site that has useful information about Central Asia and travelling along the silk road. Full of accurate, up-to-date information about visa rules, safety updates and border crossings.

Cycling: The National Cycling Charity (UK) – Maps and cycle routes by country.

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