Julia’s Back Wheel Disaster

Not quite sure what the cause of it was but Julia’s rear rim started to bulge out to the point that she couldn’t use her brakes and needed it to be replaced. Whether it was the rather spectacular fall earlier that day or a combination of some potholey roads and general wear and tear. Regardless she couldn’t ride much further on it. We hitched a ride in an egg van to the nearest town, where she managed to get a replacement … So far no more problems. Let’s hope it lasts till Hong Kong.

Week 7 Stats

A cow with Beths head

Week 7 – This week we said good bye to the Danube. A river that we’ve washed our pots in, swam in, ridden through, slept next to and fallen in for the last 4 weeks, it was an emotional good bye after all we’ve been through. We are now in Bulgaria enjoying the scenery in the mountains. Heading south towards Turkey, Istanbul here we come!

Total distance covered: 2965km
Total countries: 10 (this week: 2 – Serbia & Bulgaria)
Weather: Warm with heavy rain ~ 20°C mud everrryyywherre
Maximum speed: 58km/hr
Three epic falls: Julia – 2, Beth -1
Passport inspections: 2
Busted wheel rims: 1 (fingers crossed it holds till Istanbul!)
Spent out first dolla on accommodation – twice gasp emoticon
Total snickers Bars: 88
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Ch. 11