New Year, No Plastic

Happy New Year!

From the deserts to the mountains we found a trail of plastic bottles, bags, and packaging, dumped by the side of roads, thrown out of car windows, lobbed into rivers and destroying the land around us. It is mind blowing the amount of plastic we consume on a daily basis that could be avoided.

So, we’ve come up with 10 ways of reducing our plastic consumption in 2017:

  1. Don’t buy plastic bottled drinks. Carry a reusable water bottle everywhere. Anyway, BPA is an oestrogen-mimicking compound often used in plastic bottles that research claims is harmful to humans. So more than one reason to avoid! We appreciate in some scenarios this is unavoidable, for example countries where drinking the tap water is unsafe.
  2. No more disposable coffee cups. It’s sit-in if they have mugs or bring our own. Why not try carrying a STOJO Collapsible Pocket cupKeep Cups or just a flask or mug that you already have in your kitchen cupboard!

3. Carry a container and avoid takeaway boxes and bags. Whether it be picking up a takeaway or taking home leftovers from a restaurant.

4. Reduce buying of food in disposable plastic packaging. Go to farmers market and generally buy less packaged stuff.

5. No more plastic cutlery or disposable chopsticks. Carry a spork everywhere.

6. No more disposable plastic bags. We will bring our own, or not buy anything until we have our own.

7. Ask bar staff for no plastic straws when ordering. This can be hard to always remember to do BEFORE the drinks arrive, with the incriminating straws, but it doesn’t take long to get into the habit.

8. Start using shampoo bars, and soap bars – avoid those plastic bottles and the products are often more organic and environmentally friendly.

9. Next toothbrush is a biodegradable one.

10. Don’t use cling film. Instead either put in a Tupperware, use some beeswax wrap, or simply use a plate as a lid to cover a bowl. Beeswrap cloths are cotton cloths lined with bees wax –  just use the warmth of your hands to wrap them around a piece of food or over a bowl or casserole dish.

We would love it if you could add some or all of these resolutions to your own lists. Carrying a couple of extra items and thinking before you buy is not too much of a challenge and the more people that do it, the bigger the difference it makes!


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