LKLM & Krangear


We are very excited to have LKLM and KranGear as our official bike sponsors. LKLM are a Shenzhen, China, based bike company who specialise in producing top quality long distance touring bikes. LKLM have sponsored us two bikes from their new 318 range. The bikes will come equipped with specialist pannier bags from their sister brand, KranGear, designed to protect your gear against the elements in the harshest of conditions.




Exustar is a quiet achiever. For 20 years we have produced a highly professional range of cycling shoes and pedals. If we are not as well-known or as flashy as some of our major rivals, it’s because we don’t run expensive ad campaigns or sponsor corporate race teams. Instead we diligently toil away, researching, testing, and constantly improving our products. Our reputation stands on our products alone, products that are exceptional value for the quality and features they offer.

Slide7EGS Sureys

Thanks very much to EGS Surveys – they not only helped us to get Julia’s bike from HK to the UK but have kindly donated some money towards funding of our trip.

EGS provides global specialist multi-disciplinary marine survey support and delivers solutions to the Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Energy & Renewables and Marine Infrastructure market sectors. EGS is a leading international group of companies with offices in Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia and S.E. Asia.

Slide4SunUp Eco. 

What would we do if we couldn’t charge our iPad, XiaoMi, Go-Pro, SLR and GPS!?

SunUp have very kindly sponsored us two of their MaxiDyn’s which will keep us connected wherever we are and allow us to keep a detailed account of our journey.

  • These USB charger DC dynamos have both Standard USB charger dynamo cable and wire ends for LED lights connection.

  • Enough power output is produced for single use of either USB charging or LED lighting at riding speeds of 10-15km/hr.

  • USB cable connects to standard USB power bank(pack).

  • Max. power output for simultaneous use of both LED lighting and USB charging can be reached at riding speeds of 20-25km.

Armadillo Merino® specialises in next-to-skin protective clothing made from innovative knit fabrics that utilise the natural benefits of superfine merino wool.


















Slide13 Zero Six ZeroJaguar PC Slide12

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