Vienna to Budapest


So despite getting horrendously lost and going in multiple circles, a recurrent occurrence for us when it comes to getting out of major cities, the road to Budapest was fairly easy. We headed towards Slovakia and Bratislava on the EuroVelo 6…that was when we eventually found it! We spent a mere 2 hrs in Slovakia, ticking another county of the list!


We followed Velo 6 until Györ and then decided to leave it as the main roads were very quiet and Beth kept saying Hungary was flat…which it was until we went up the steepest hill imaginable… Thanks ‘Sal’ (our GPS).


We met Mattieus on the way to Tata and camped with him next to a lake. It was nice to have some company. The fishermen gave us a bit of fright in the middle of the night but we quickly established that they were just saying hello!


We set off early as we all wanted to reach Budapest early that day but it soon transpired that we were a bit too slow for Matt! It had been a long 110km the day before and our legs weren’t having any of it. We needed a coffee and a sit down.


Rested, we got back on our bikes and got back into a rhythm. At the rate we were going we thought we’d be with Joey and his family by 2, shower, eat and be back out to meet someone involved in the Hungarian foodbanks by 4.


7km to go and we found ourselves faced with the muddiest, steepest, not-cyclable hill imaginable. Great. It took us 2hrs to move 1km, when I say move I mean scramble, slide and slip. Normally people see a black triangle with 436 next to it on the map and think that means a summit, do not go this way, but we did. Wolfing down 2 snickers and a granola bar each we regretted not picking up anything for lunch. The only reward at the top were these old bunkers and the way down wasn’t much better as the road surface was covered in gravel.

4:30 we made it to Joey’s in Èrd, tired hungry and covered in mud!

We spent 2 nights in Budapest. We spent much of the following day in a thermal bath and had a wonderful tour courtesy of Joey, who took us around both the tourist spots and the ghettos (not the old Jewish quarter… The real ghetto!) Thanks Joey and Esme for looking after us!