Life in Tibet

Tibetan Family

We are descending down from the mountains towards Chengdu. We will be under 1000m altitude for the first time in over 3 months! The hospitality we have received from the Tibetan people in Qinghai and Gansu provinces has been a breath of fresh air. We’ve enjoyed the delights of stoves fuelled by livestock dung, homemade noodles, tsampa!, playing with children, learning Tibetan and getting wrapped up in huge traditional Tibetan dressing gowns to keep us warm at night. We’ve even had a proper bed for three nights in a row!

Aside from eating lots of fried yak meat and homemade flat noodles we’ve also been eating lots of tsampa. This is a mix of barley flour, hot water, a dollop of yak butter and sugar. Beth reckons it’s the best thing since sliced bread (she dramatically claimed one morning), whilst Julia reckons it’s ‘clogging her up’. The greatest thing about this is that you have to mix it up into a ball with your hands and the local Tibetans find it hilarious watching us throw flour all over ourselves as we try to do it like they do.


The children love building sledges to race down the frozen rivers on. We’ve been so lucky with the weather up here, apparently a month ago they were completely snowed under!